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M.Arch, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Merit Scholarship.

B.Sc., University of Tehran.
Recipient of Full Ride Scholarship and the Exceptional Talents quota.

Recent Employments and Experiences

September 2023-Present
Art, Culture and Technology program, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Co-instructing the class Creating Art, Thinking that looks at contemporary art precedents and history of image-making through the lens of nanoscience and nanotechnology

Project Manager and Developer
March 2023-Present
Immersion Lab, MIT.nano, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Visualizing scientific data, prototyping advanced tools, and developing software and hardware concepts

Teaching Assistant.
June 2020–January 2023. (8 classes)
Architecture, ACT, MIT.nano, and CMS program, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
I lectured on topics of architecture and conceptual art, computer history, and esoteric practices while developing course themes, and assisting students in conceptualizing and realizing their projects.

Researcher. The Trope Tank.
June 2021–June 2022.
Comparative Media Studies Department, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
I worked as a computational linguistic researcher and developed a computational model of narrative theory.

Editor. Thresholds: Before/After
February 2021–May 2022.
SA+P, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
I co-edited the 50th volume of MIT Architecture’s peer-reviewed journal Thresholds published by MIT Press.

First Edition: February 2022. Second Edition: September 2023
MIT.nano, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
I co-curated this show that included works envisioning and scrutinizing ways to intertwine nanoscience and nanotechnology toolsets and visualization methods to extend the bounds of art and culture.

Researcher. Many Houses/Many Worlds
June 01–September 21, 2020.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Exploring the entanglement between the planet and the cosmos in an installation for Mark Jarzombek and Vikramaditya Prakash which was exhibited at La Biennale di Venezia.

Founder, and Editor. JadeRANG! Magazine
September 2018-December 2019.
An Iranian independent quarterly magazine based in the University of Tehran, offering multiple genres and perspectives on politics, economics, and culture through thirteen recurring fictitious characters.

Cinema Coordinator.
January 2016-March 2018.
Cinematheque of the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art.
I screened movies, exhibited panels and reviewed film studies subjects

Recent Awards and Honors

Council for the Arts at MIT Grant
December 2021.

Firmitas Award, 2nd place of Code Cypher hosted and judged by Lupe Fiasco
MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology
October 2021.

Graham Foundation Grant
August 2021.

MIT Transmedia Storytelling Initiative Fellowship
May 2021.

Honorable mention for the Relaters.
Blank Space Project
December 2020.

MIT SA+P Dean's Research Funds Award, for Persian Romanticism: A Journey through Architecture and Metaphor in Early Nineteenth-Century Iran.
June 2019.

Recent Publications, Talks and Conferences

Of Science and Mysticism.
Artist talk in conversation with List Center exhibition, Lex Brown: Carnelian.
April 13, 2023.

Toward a Divinatory Architecture.
Rice University’s PLAT Journal, Issue: DIVINE. (Forthcoming)

Dream of Seamless Movements: A Neo-Aesopian Tale.
Yale Univeristy’s Paprika! Volume 8, Issue V: FABLES.
April, 2023.

Mortars and Pestles.
Salon talk at the Department of Comparative Media Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
April, 2021.

Using Referring Expression Generation to Model Literary Style.
Published in the ACL Anthology.
December, 2021.

Workshop on Curveship.
Presented at the Natural Language Processing for Digital Humanities conference.
November, 2021.

Oleum Rivulet: An Homage to Julio Le Parc
Published in Taper Magazine, Issue 7: WONDERS.
November, 2021.

Recent Exhibitions and Residencies

TAKWIN (solo).
June 25-September 1, 2022.
Wiesner Art Gallery, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

QUIESCE (solo).
May 2022.
Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts at Harvard University.

Unwar (group).
June 18-September 1, 2022.
List Center Building, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Unbounded (group).
October 18-November 23, 2021.
Wiesner Art Gallery, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Desktop (group)
September 23-November 1, 2021.
Keller Gallery, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

TSI residency
Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
June 2021–August 2021.

Software and Programming Languages

Houdini, Cinema 4D, Rhino, Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop, Illustrator.

Python, Perl, VEX, C++, JavaScript, Processing, Assembly, Ruby, Shell, BASIC, Lisp.